Grant Proposal Process

Generally, an IIF request for proposals is announced in late summer for project awards commencing the following year. The proposal due date is generally mid-October and is determined at the time of announcement.

  • All proposals are reviewed by a designee of the Board of Directors for formatting and completeness. Grant applicants will have 10 days to respond to emailed requests for additional information, corrections, and clarifications.
  • Fifteen days after full proposals are submitted, reviewed, and corrected, proposals are circulated to the entire Board of Directors for review and rating.
  • Final decisions on funding allocation will be made at the annual meeting of the IIF Board, usually 30 days following circulation of reviewed proposals.


Final award decision will be made at the IIF Board Meeting on 29 October 2017


Discussion and Review of Final Proposals:

IIF Board members are asked to review and rate all final proposals. Rating should be completed prior to the IIF Board of Directors annual meeting. Those Board members that cannot attend the meeting should rate the proposals and submit final scores, along with comments, to the Executive Director.


Members of the IIF Board are committed conservationists and have significant investment in the support of many in situ conservation, education, and scientific programs for various iguana species. Therefore, Members may disqualify themselves from time to time, from rating or voting on a particular project if they feel their personal investment in that project compromises their ability to remain objective. Visual presentations and updates in support of any particular project/conservation effort for which a full proposal has been submitted for consideration will not be allowed at the annual IIF Board of Directors meeting prior to funding allocation. Members of the IIF Board of Directors are not encouraged to submit proposals for projects in which they are listed as the principal investigator. However, in the event of such an occurrence, that Board Member will excuse him/herself from rating, discussing, reviewing, and voting upon that project.


Specific Designation of other Funding:

At the discretion of the IIF Board of Directors, designated funds may be set aside for use in the event of conservation emergencies requiring immediate intervention. Requests for such funding will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.