Application Guidelines

Only applications that adhere to the following guidelines will be considered. All application documents should be compiled into a single PDF document, and not submitted as multiple individual files. MS Word forms are available from the download links below.



Complete the Cover Sheet as page 1 of your application.



The following information should be included under the sub-headings listed below. This section should not exceed 5 pages (excluding cover sheet, CVs, and progress report if applicable) using Calibri font, size 11. Figures and photos should not be included in the body of the proposal. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in immediate disqualification.


a)     Introduction and Background
 – Include information on species status, conservation needs, and current threats. If this project is part of an ongoing effort, include a bulleted list of milestones (not to exceed three points per year), as well as the approximate amount of funding received each year to accomplish that milestone.

b)    Project Description and Methods
 – Describe the proposed actions and how the project will be conducted. Include overall project goals and objectives. If funds are being requested for more than one project component, e.g., outreach campaign AND monitoring, describe each component SEPARATELY. Include information for each component on techniques to be used, data analysis, and how information will be utilized and disseminated once the project is completed. Make sure to include these titled components in your budget table.

c)     Deliverables 
– Describe how the results will be applied toward the conservation of the species or its habitat. How will the success of the project, or its components, be evaluated? This section should be organized in bullet point deliverables, with corresponding means of evaluation.

d)    Project Schedule – Provide a timetable for the major project components in the form of a table with each column titled as 1–12 months and each row titled with each activity.

e)     Budget Table – 
Itemize individual expenses into the following 4 major categories: Labor, Travel, Equipment and Supplies, and Other. Please use the budget table template (MS Word doc). Be certain reviewers can easily determine which budget items are needed to carry out each project component. The IIF typically provides funds in the range of $8,000 to $12,000 USD. The IIF does not support overhead costs in any amount.

f)     Budget Narrative – Please provide detailed information on large equipment or other items that cannot be easily added to the budget table. Also provide information on matching funds, and any existing or proposed funds, both logistical and technical.



Attach a 2-page abbreviated CV for each PI and support letters for each collaborating organization.


4.   REPORTING (only applies to previous grant recipients)

If applying for additional funding to continue a previously funded project, use the Final Report Template if you have completed your work, or the Progress Report Template to summarize your work to date. Progress and Final Reports must follow the templates and be submitted in Word docx format. Do not submit reports as PDFs or merged with a new application.


After completion of the above four components, merge all application documents into a single PDF file. Title your PDF following the example below and submit to the Grants Manager.

Example PDF title: 2019 IIF Grant Application_Pasachnik


CURRENT DEADLINE FOR PROPOSAL SUBMISSIONS is 20 September 2019, 5:00 pm US Central Time.


Download Complete Application Guidelines as reference PDF