Save Goat Islands! A short film about the impacts of a proposed massive transshipment port in Jamaica’s largest protected area, Portland Bight, focusing on the endemic Critically Endangered Jamaican Iguana. This film was funded by the International Iguana Foundation and created by Robin Moore and Thaddeus D. Matula.


Highlights from the International Iguana Foundation supported research during 2015 — from the IIIF page on Vimeo.


Guardian of the Reptiles from Robin Moore on Vimeo. A short film highlighting Booms, a young Jamaican who has spent the last seven years of his life working with the Jamaican Iguana Recovery Program, and the looming threat to the species and the Protected Area the iguana calls home.


Iguanas, A Matter of Survival. A promotional video explaining the purpose, goals, and accomplishments of the International Iguana Foundation. Please click on the YouTube icon to Forward and Share!


Masani Accimé explains some of the conservation work for the Ricord’s Iguana population in Haiti, partially funded by the IIF. Please click on the YouTube icon to Forward and Share!


The Story of the Jamaican Iguana and the Hellshire Hills (2001). The International Iguana Foundation has partnered with other organizations to save this magnificent species from extinction. Please click on the YouTube icon to Forward and Share!


A short clip of male Iguana delicatissima combat by Thijs van den Burg. The IIF has funded research on Anguilla during 2014 and 2015.