Year-End Urgent Action in Jamaica!

A mega port in the heart of Jamaica’s most important protected area……It does not have to be built here!

The contribution you make today, will support the people of Jamaica in their fight against the destruction of the most important remaining Protected Area in the Caribbean.

If this controversial decision goes through, then the Portland Bight Protected Area and the Hellshire Hills will lose all protection and will not be a safe home for any of the native Jamaican plants and animals. The International Iguana Foundation will need to be ready to act to ensure the Jamaican Iguana does not perish from the face of the earth!



By supporting the IIF, you will:

  • Help us support local efforts to fight any proposed development within the PBPA, including the Goat Islands and Hellshire Hills.
  • Help us develop a backup plan should the iguana’s habitat be jeopardized. We must create a safe habitat where iguanas can be translocated if the Hellshire Hills are going to be lost.

Join this effort, it may be the last chance to save the Jamaican Iguana’s habitat!

Make a donation today by Contributing to the International Iguana Foundation!

Thanks to Ty Park, of Ty’s Lizards, Ty will match $2 for every dollar donated!

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